Monday, June 3, 2013

Tentative Launch Date Determined

At this past meeting (Saturday, 6/1/2013) we determined that August 24th, 2013 would be our tentative launch date.

We say tentative, as we still have a LOT of work to do to get this balloon off the ground, and it will be pending weather.

The club is participating in a K8SB Active Attenuator build August 18th, and as that build will lend itself well to finding the payload once it hits the ground, we would like to perform the launch once that build is completed.

We have a number of parts coming in to get construction moving, and we are making good progress at this point. As we get closer to launch day, we'll post more information, including location of launch, calculated trajectory, complete list of parts in use, and beacon frequency / APRS identifiers.

Right now we have a number of isolated systems that are being brought up, and we've got to get them all tied together and working as a single payload unit. We're very excited, and very appreciative to all the members of the Livonia Amateur Radio Club, and non-members who have offered advice and/or equipment to the cause.

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